Who is Theresa Noye?

I believe that all things are possible.

Are you creating the life that you want? Or, are you waiting for it to just happen?

If you had the power to create your future with intention, what would be possible? What would you create?

If your intention impacts your choices then aren’t you responsible for where you are? Aren’t you in charge of where you go next?

If you're created in the image of the ALL POWERFUL, don't you think it's possible that you're much more powerful than you give yourself credit for?

Hi I’m Theresa

For years I lived in self sabotage mode.

I gave away my power when I accepted the “facts” that were told to me about who I was and what I could achieve. I lived a lie of a life marked by people pleasing, worry and self-doubt. I feigned a “happy” life and felt trapped in the lifeless cycle.

When my son, Regal was 3 years old he was diagnosed with autism. It was the best gift I never would have asked for.

Regal’s autism became a catalyst for me to align with my true My journey with Regal transformed my life. It taught me to live in love with authenticity, intention and power. I allowed love to transform my thoughts in a powerful way. Fear, worry and self-doubt loosened their grip as I strengthened my commitment myself through the power of love.

I took off my mask and sparked my divine power to create an authentic life of endless possibilities.

Oh and my son Regal, he graduated from high school Summa Cum Laude and is attending college on scholarship.

Do you want to fill out your life with perpetual peace, passion, and prosperity as your authentic self?

For the past 25 years I’ve coached powerful high achieving women in churches, higher education and the autism community

We work together to pay attention to the divine cues of spiritual dissatisfaction; restless nudges that uncover your personal discontentment; and an overall desire for more out of life.

These are invitations from God to step into your divine purpose.

Once I discovered what was possible through the power of love, there was no turning back. I continue to grow through my dedication to my own inner work. I am both teacher and student. I learn something new from every woman I work with.

I guide them into greater clarity and awareness with a system that is designed to deepen love, commitment to self and the power to create their most authentic life.

There is no greater joy than witnessing their results and the powerful impact they make in their sphere of influence.

But it’s hard to do alone.

Let’s talk.

I’m here to help you to take off your mask of false satisfaction and claim true fulfillment.

What do you want? If you're ready to acknowledge that you are secretly discontent and unhappy,

I’m here for it!

What I've learned and proven through years of implementation is for your benefit.

Fill out the form and let’s get started.

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